Enjoy the following beekeepers YouTube channels:

WayOutWest Blowinblog
A blog about life on a smallholding in the West of Ireland.

Jeff Miller with DChoneybees

Michael Palmer
1,138 subscribers • 68,596 views
Joined Apr 20, 2013

Jason Chrisman
Beekeeping how to's and what to do's. Basic to advanced beekeeping tutorials.

3,296 subscribers • 837,500 views
Joined Mar 15, 2010

His obsession with honey bees, removing them from manmade structures of all types & from natural structures such as trees.

WallsBeeMan Durham
Actual beekeeping videos by a real beekeeper - Tim Durham from durhamsbeefarm

Ralph Jones III
Many many videos.

Don The Fat Bee Man
Don has over 55 years of experience as a beekeeper and 35 years as a commercial beekeeper. Pesticide free since 1993. 100% Organically managed operation. Stephen Kuchenmeister (Don's son) is taking over the bee business. Don Kuchenmeister moved the FatBeeMan channel to this YouTube site here where videos and ebooks will be highlighted.

Dedicated to learning by doing and having fun in the process. The main subject of this channel is beekeeping and  many other interests

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