Saturday, April 11, 2015

Installed New Honeybees

I traveled to Olivarez Honey Bees Ranch in Orland, California to participate in their 7th annual Field/Hobbyist Day on Saturday April 11th, 2015. I bought 3 pounds of Carniolan bees with a mated & marked queen and picked up a couple pollen patties from the Mann Lake table. 

I did not stay for the free BBQ, but did listen to Randy Oliver, Bee Researcher of

That evening I shook the bees into their new hive. Unfortunately I ran out of daylight while making final adjustments to the hive stand. Installing bees without protection during daylight would normally not be a problem. However, I did get stung. The bees were very gentle but they can (and do) attack light sources at night, like my flashlight. I am not allergic to stings like ~98% of people but, I should have worn a long sleeve shirt - I did get an infection later that required antibiotics.

...more to come

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